Volume & Issue: Volume 2, Issue 1, September 2010 

Research Articles

Isolation and Characterization of BoHV-1 from Cattle in West Bengal, India

Pages 1-8


Tapabrata Saha; Chanchal Guha; Dhruba Chakraborty; Biplab Pal; Ujjwal Biswas; Amaresh Chatterjee; Patricia Koenig; Martin Beer

Peritoneal Fluid Cytology in Clinical Cases of Bovine Obstructive Urolithiasis

Pages 17-24


Jalal-ud -Din Parrah; Bashir Ahmad Moulvi; Syed Sajad Hussain; Hakim Athar; Hamid Ullah Malik; Masood Saleem Mir; Mohammed Maqbool Darzi