Author = babak Khoramian toosi
Phenotypic and Genotypic Characterization of Colistin Resistance in Escherichia coli Isolated from Bovine Mastitis

Volume 15, Issue 1, April 2023, Pages 49-57


Mohamadhadi Zarei; Saeid Hosseinzadeh; hadi Mohebalian; Mohammad Azizzadeh; Kiana Irandosti; babak Khoramian toosi

Effects of subcutaneous progesterone injection as a short-time estrus synchronization protocol in ewes: a preliminary study

Volume 14, Issue 1, April 2022, Pages 39-44


Behnam Valizadeh; Masoud Rajabioun; Mohammad Azizzadeh; babak Khoramian toosi

The investigation on the relationship between dairy cow hygiene scores and intramammary infections

Volume 9, Issue 1, September 2017, Pages 12-16


Iman Rajabi; Alireza Taghavi Razavizadeh; Mohammad Azizzadeh; babak Khoramian toosi

Detection of Mycoplasma bovis in bulk tank milk samples by nested PCR in Mashhad, Iran

Volume 9, Issue 2, January 2017, Pages 28-32


Mehran Dabiri; Pezhman Mirshokraei; Mehrnaz Rad; babak Khoramian