Histomorphometric analysis of mature female Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) stomach

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College of Veterinary Science and Medicine, Central Luzon State University, Science City of Muñoz 3120, Nueva Ecija, Philippines.


The study analyzed the histomorphometry of the mature female Japanese quail (Coturnix coturnix japonica) stomach with the aid of ImageJ software. The different histological parts were identified using a compound microscope. Five mature laying female Japanese quail were collected and necropsied. The digestive organs, particularly proventriculus and gizzard, were collected and processed for tissue staining. Histological identification and measurement of thickness and depth of various structures were subsequently performed. Comparable to other avian species, the proventriculus was comprised of four layers: thin tunica serosa (22.69 µm), tunica muscularis (235.07 µm) with outer longitudinal and inner circular smooth muscle layers, thick tunica submucosa (2,164.37 µm) containing glands, and innermost tunica mucosa (553.42 µm) with papillae. The gizzard was characterized by four tunics: thin tunica serosa (60.44 µm), thick tunica muscularis (1,480.07 µm), tunica submucosa (112.25 µm), and tunica mucosa (456.15 µm) where the glands, crypts, and koilin can be found. The findings suggest that the histology of proventriculus and gizzard of the Japanese quail have no remarkable difference compared to other poultry species. However, the histomorphometry of the organs examined had remarkable variations as compared to other avians.


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