Relationship between fructusamine, glucose, total protein, and albumin concentrations of serum in late pregnancy and early lactation of dairy Saanen goat

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Ferdowsi University of Mashhad


The changes in serum fructosamine concentration of dairy Saanen goats during late pregnancy and early lactation and its relationship to serum glucose, total protein, and albumin concentrations was investigated. Eleven Saanen goats were selected for the study. Blood samples were collected by the jugular vein in 30, 15 and 7 days before the expected time of parturition (D-30, D-15, and D-7, respectively) and also 12 hours and 3, 7, 13, and 42 days post-partum (H+12, D+3, D+7, D+13, and D+42, respectively). The serum concentrations of fructosamine, glucose, albumin, and total protein were measured. The maximum concentration of fructosamine was at 12 hours post-partum and decreased thereafter. Serum concentration of glucose significantly increased from D-15 up to 12 hours post-partum and then decreased and stayed at the same level. The serum concentrations of albumin and total protein significantly increased during post-partum period. There were significant correlations between fructosamine and glucose concentrations at post-partum period and overall time of the study. Linear regression analysis between each sampling amount of glucose and three consecutive fructosamine concentrations revealed significant positive correlation between glucose of each sampling time with the fructosamine of first sampling time thereafter. According to the correlation between glucose and fructosamine amounts during the study, especially post-partum period in Saanen goat, fructosamine measurement could be used as a useful indicator of energy economy and probably stress in Sannen goat; but controversy between reports in ruminants needs further studies for better understanding of fructosamine as energy biomarker in ruminants.


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