Chromosomal analysis of two buffalo breeds of Mazani and Azeri from Iran

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1 University of Guilan

2 Agriculture Biotechnology Research Institute


In the present study karyotype of Mazani river buffalo was studied in comparison with those of Azeri buffalo populations from Iran. Blood samples were taken from ten (5 males and 5 females) Mazani buffaloes and thirty (15 males and 15 females) Azeri buffaloes. The Mazani buffaloes belong to Mazendaran province and Azeri buffaloes belong to west and east Azerbaijan and Ardebil provinces. Blood lymphocytes cultured at 37ºC for 72 hours in the presence of phytohemagglutinin and the metaphase spreads were performed on microscopic slide. Giemsa was used to stain chromosomes. The Mazani and Azeri Buffalo exhibited the same karyotype with diploid number of 2n = 50. The fundamental numbers (NF) were 60 in male and female. The types of chromosome were 6 submetacentric, 4 metacentric and 40 telocentric which the X chromosome is the largest telocentric and the Y chromosome is one of the smallest telocentric chromosomes. The relative length of chromosomes ranged between 2.17% to 7.2% in Mazani buffalo, and also 2.21% to 6.55% in Azeri buffalo. No obvious abnormality was found among chromosomes. Therefore, based on the identified karyotype both Mazani and Azeri buffaloes are riverine.


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