Effects of different antimicrobials agents on mycoplasma species isolated from ruminants by macro culture technique

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Razi vaccine & serum research Institute


Mycoplasma is an important respiratory tract pathogen worldwide, causing respiratory tract infection in small ruminants ( sheep and goats). It is a bacterium that causes acute respiratory illness ranging in severity from mild respiratory illness to severe pneumonia. Mycoplasmosis in small ruminants is a serious and major problem in Iran. This study was determined to isolate Mycoplasma species and detect antibacterial effect of Oxytetracycline, Tylosine, Chloramphenicole, Erythromycine, Enrofloxacin and Florfenocole on respiratory Mycoplasma subsp in small ruminantes by Macro culture technique. As, there is no an effective vaccine against Mycoplasma disease, treatment and controlling is mainly by chemotherapy. Basically, it was approved that uncontrolled usage of antimicrobial elements has caused the development of antimicrobial resistance. The antimicrobial susceptibility test showe some Mycoplsma species –specific differences, with M.capricolum subsp. It was more susceptible to erythromycine and Tylosine, while Florfeniclole and Chloramphenocole were the least effective for all three Mycoplasma species. It is observed that there was not any significant difference in antimicrobial susceptibility between goat and sheep isolates or between isolate from different regions in affected province. Results showed that some isolates of M.capricolum.and M. putrefaciens had minimal inhibitory concentration (MIC) level with Oxytetracyclin as was the same with two isolates of M.mycoides subsp. mycoides LC with Tylosine. It seems resistance factor against antimicrobials is involved.


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