Prevalence of Dental Malocclusion and Root Elongation in Pet Rabbits of Ahvaz, Iran

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Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz


Malocclusion and overgrowth of continuously growing teeth is a frequently seen problem in pet rabbits. In the present study, the studied rabbits were divided based on age into two groups (less than 3 years and above 3 years). They were 1–5 years old and had mean body weight of 2250 gr. It was diagnosed 5 cases of malocclusion and root elongation of grade 2 and 2 cases of grade 4. Affected rabbits were referred with signs of epiphora, pain, anorexia, disability for grooming, dermatologic problems, digestive disorders and salivation. In this study the prevalence of dental disorders (malocclusion and root elongation) was 6.7% (7 out of 105) in pet rabbits of Ahvaz city. Prevalence was significantly higher in rabbits above 3 years (14.89%; 7 out of 47) compared with rabbits less than 3 years (0%; 0 out of 58) (P=0.003). It was significantly higher in those rabbits that were in house for long times (lack of sunlight) and were fed with soft fiber also (P=0.001). Although, prevalence was higher in female rabbits (9.09%; 4 out of 44) than males (4.92%; 3 out of 61), but the difference was not significant (P=0.43). The skull radiograph revealed dental disorders. A feature of acquired dental diseases in rabbits was abnormal calcification in the skull especially alveolar bone. In a radiograph of the skull, changes in the structure and hardness of the cheek teeth had led to uneven wear.


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