Journal History

Iranian Journal of Veterinary and Science (IJVST) was established in the beginning of 2009 and published its first volume in this Year.
IJVST Volume 1 (Number 1 )-2009
IJVST Volume 2 (Number 1 & 2)-2010
IJVST Volume 3 (Number 1 & 2)-2011
IJVST Volume 4 (Number 1 & 2)-2012
IJVST Volume 5 (Number 1 & 2)-2013
IJVST Volume 6 (Number 1 & 2)-2014
IJVST Volume 7 (Number 1 & 2)-2015
IJVST Volume 8 (Number1 & 2)-2016
IJVST Volume 9 (Number1 & 2)-2017
IJVST Volume 10 (Number1& 2)-2018

IJVST Volume 11 (Number1& 2)-2019

IJVST Volume 12 (Number1)-2020


Focus and Scope

Iranian journal of Veterinary Science and Technology (IJVST) is a peer-reviewed and multi-disciplinary journal published in English. IJVST publishes important research advances in veterinary medicine and subject areas relevant to veterinary medicine including anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, bacteriology, biochemistry, biotechnology, food hygiene, public health, immunology, molecular biology, parasitology, pathology, virology, etc. Contributions related to clinical sciences including large and small animal medicine, poultry disease, diseases of equine species and aquaculture are also welcomed. Articles can comprise research in basic sciences, as well as applied veterinary findings and experimental studies and their impact on diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases.This journal is currently published twice a year. IJVST publishes four kinds of manuscripts: Original Research, Review Article, Short Communication, and Case Report.

Peer Review Process

Iranian Journal of Veterinary Science and Technology peer reviews all submitted manuscripts with contents in the scope of the journal.
Initial assessment: the structural format of the paper, quality of figures, and format of references are evaluated within 5 days from the time of submission.
Initial screen:the manuscripts are evaluated by editor and a member of editorial board (depending to the field of study) for the scope, sufficient originality, having a message that is important to the general field of Veterinary Medicine, quality of data, novelty, English language, and overall manuscript quality. This stage is performed within 2 weeks in order to not waste authors' time, allowing them to submit the manuscripts to another journal. Those manuscripts which are evaluated as not-appropriate in the initial review will be rejected at this stage. We aim to reach a first decision on all manuscripts within two or three weeks of submission.
External review:The manuscripts which are found to be appropriate after the initial screen, will be sent for external review by experts in the related field. We have prepared a checklist for reviewers that summarizes their evaluation of the manuscript. The items in this checklist are:
1. TITLE is clear and adequate
2. ABSTRACT clearly presents objects, methods and results.
3. INTRODUCTION well-structured and provides rationale for experiments described.
4. MATERIALS AND METHODS is sufficiently explained and is detailed enough to be reproduced.
5. RESULTS are clearly presented and supported by figures and tables.
6. DISCUSSION properly interprets the results and places the results into larger research context, and contains all important references.
7. Conclusions are logically derived from the data presented.
8. English Language/style/grammar is clear, correct, and unambiguous.
9. Figures and tables are in good quality and well-designed and clearly illustrate results of the study.
10. References are appropriate.
11. Regarding this article are you concerned for any issues relating to author misconduct such as plagiarism and unethical behavior.
12. Comments on the importance of article.
Final Decision: Based on reviewers' recommendations a final decision is made by the editor and if needed the help of a member of editorial board (depending to the field of study). Decisions will include accept, minor revision, major revision with and without re-review, and reject. We aim to reach a final decision on each manuscript as soon as their review results are available.

Open access policy

Iranian Journal of Veterinary Science and Technology is a fully Open Access journal in which all the articles are available Open Access. There is no cost to the reader or author. Since all costs are covered by Ferdowsi University of Mashhad Press, there is no cost to the author, or through article processing charges.

Charge of submission and publication

The article publishing charges will be covered by Ferdowsi University Press and thus, there are no publication fees for authors.