Open Journals System
Issue Information: Vol. 1, No. 1,(2009)

Article Title: Comparison of intranasal administration of diazepam,

pages: 19-26

DOI: 10.22067/veterinary.v1i1.2269

Safe and effective sedation methods are as much important for small pet birds as for the other animals not only for surgical procedures but also for safe handling and diagnostic and clinical procedures such as radiography, wound dressing, blood collection, endoscopy and fracture repair procedures. The aim of this study is comparison of sedation efficacy in intranasal administration of xylazine, diazepam and midazolam in Pigeons. Fifteen healthy adult domesticated Pigeons of both sexes, weighing 289±61.8 gram were used in this study.
Xylazine (29.4±1.9 mg/kg), diazepam (6.4±0.9 mg/kg) and midazolam (6.5±1.0 mg/kg) was administered intranasaly using a micropipette. The onset time, dorsal recumbency duration time and duration of sedation time were measured and recorded.
This study showed that intranasal (IN) drug administration could provide fast and reliable sedation in Pigeons and IN midazolam or diazepam can provide adequate sedation for diagnostic and minor therapeutic procedures.

key words:   intranasal; Diazepam; Midazolam; Xylazine; pigeon1

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