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Issue Information: Vol. 5, No. 1,(2013)

Article Title: Histological and histochemical study of ductus deferens in Aseel and Vanaraja breeds of poultry

pages: 19-25

DOI: 10.22067/veterinary.v5i1.15376

Aseel is an indigenous breed of poultry recognized for its majestic gait and cock fighting.Southern part of Chhattisgarh is its breeding tract. Vanaraja is a crossbreed being popularized
by the Department of Animal Husbandary (C.G.) to improve the livelihood of tribal peoples.Ductus deferens is part of reproductive system which plays an important role in transportation of spermatozoa and fertilization. In the present study, 10 birds of two age group viz. 5 months (grower) and 13 months (adult) of each breed were used. Ductus deferens was collected,processed and sections were stained for demonstration of normal histological structure, collagen fibers, elastic fibers, reticular fibers, carbohydrates and mucopolysaccharides. The
height of epithelium, height of mucosal folds at different segments, number of mucosal folds per transverse section, thickness of wall excluding mucosal folds, maximum and minimum
diameter of ductus deferens was significantly higher in growers and adults of Vanaraja than Aseel. The density of connective tissue fibers, PAS activity and AB-PAS activity was higher
in both groups of Vanaraja compared to Aseel.

key words:   Histology; Histochemistry; Aseel; Vanaraja; Ductus deferens


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Reception Date: 18/09/2012 , Accept date: 09/03/2014 , Published Date: 12/03/2014

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