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Issue Information: Vol. 3, No. 1,(2011)

Article Title: Macroscopic evaluation of wound healing activity of the Persian shallot, Allium hirtifolium in rat

pages: 31-38

DOI: 10.22067/veterinary.v3i1.11878

Wound is a break in the outer layer of skin. There are several different methods to provoke wound healing process, consisting topically or orally administration of medicinal drugs or
herbal remedies. Persian shallot, Allium hirtifolium which belongs to the same genus of garlic,naturally grows in different parts of Iran. In this study, we have avaluated the wound healing
activity of hydro-alcoholic extract of A .hirtifolium Boiss. Four bilateral full-thickness wounds (2 on each side) were made on the dorsal area of four adult albino rats weighing 165±35 gr under general anesthesia. Right side wounds were treated in experimental groups,while left side wounds were considered as control littermates. One day after surgery, a gellike 1:1 mixture of A. hirtifolium extract and methylcellulose were topically applied (100 mg/kg/day) to the experimental wounds while the wounds in control groups were treated with the extract-free gel for 12 days. At days 1, 3, 6, 9 and 12, digital photos of wounds were taken using of Scion image software, for analyzing the percentage of wound contraction, epithelialisation and speed of healing. The results revealed that A. hirtifolium can accelerate
wound healing by increasing the rate of epithelialisation. We concluded that A. hirtifolium extract may be clinically useful in management of open wounds treatment procedures.

key words:   Allium hirtifolium; epithelialistion;extract; Wound healing

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